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What About A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot?

Date posted: 10 July 2023

A growing trend among couples everywhere is the idea of having a pre-wedding photoshoot – a really wonderful way of adding to the excitement. See more here.

A growing trend among happy couples everywhere is the idea of having a pre-wedding photoshoot – a really wonderful way of adding to the excitement of your forthcoming nuptials and capturing every moment of your journey together.

There are all sorts of benefits to arranging an initial shoot, but one of the biggest is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to build a rapport with your photographer.

Couples often find it hard to feel comfortable when having their photos taken, but getting to know your wedding photographer before the big day can help you feel more at ease - and you may find that you even end up looking forward to the shoot.

Another added benefit of having pre-wedding photos taken is that it gives you and your partner time to pause and reflect during what is inevitably a bit of a whirlwind time of your life. 

Planning a wedding is certainly hectic and can be stressful, so taking a bit of time out where you and your partner can enjoy spending time together and get away from it all will certainly pay dividends when you do return to your wedding planning once again.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to make your final wedding photo album even more special. What about taking your photographer to all those places that have special meaning for you as a couple? Whether that’s where you had your first date, the place where the proposal took place, or your favourite spot in the countryside… the possibilities are endless!

For those of you with children (or beloved pets you’d like to include), this is also an amazing chance to include them in some wedding-related shots, as well - without the added pressure of doing it on the day.

If you’d like any more help and advice or are currently looking for a pre-wedding photographer in Chelmsford, get in touch with Carruthers and Hobbs today.

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