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What if it rains on your wedding day?

Date posted: 25 July 2023

Bride and groom under an umbrella

The last couple of weeks have certainly been wet, and while most people can ignore the soggy weather, brides and grooms with their wedding day coming up will probably be checking the forecast daily to find out whether their special day will be a washout.

Booking a wedding in the UK always comes with the risk of rain, so the chances are you already have a contingency plan up your sleeve. If the heavy downpours really aren’t letting up, it could be time to accept you might need to use them.

Your vendors will most likely have indoor reception space you can have instead of their gardens, and if they don’t, there is always the option to hire a marquee.

The good news is it is still warm outside, but you can always hire heat lamps and hand out blankets if the temperature does drop. You could even offer towels if the heavens open up, so your guests can dry off quickly.

Ladies might want to talk to their make-up artist and hair stylist about weather-proofing their look, such as having their hair up and wearing waterproof mascara.

You might also want to invest in an umbrella and wellies so that you can stay outside for as long as possible.

A lot of people worry most about their wedding photography if it rains, but actually, there are some great shots that can be had in wet weather.

For instance, shots of the bride and groom hiding from the rain, embracing under clear umbrellas, or splashing in puddles are some of the best.

When the sky clears after rain, it often leaves a beautiful backdrop, so make the most of it and head out with your photographer to capture the special moment.

If you’re worried about how rain might affect your wedding photography, call us today and we can tell you how we manage to get great photos whatever the weather.

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