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Jasroop's 16th birthday party

Date posted: 30 April 2018

Three people looking at camera at a birthday party

Jasroop’s 16th birthday party was the latest celebration we've been asked to capture for the Grewal family. As usual for their family get-togethers, all the generations were there, from newborns to great grandparents.

Family is very important to them and over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending many of their get-togethers which are always full of colour, fun and love - with everyone coming together for a good time. We’ve built up a relationship with everyone and are proud to have become their family photographer.

As usual, it starts out quite gently, with everyone wanting to have their photo taken - relaxed and natural family portraits spanning the generations. It’s a wonderful way to capture everyone from the newborns to their great grandparents, plus all the cousins, siblings and friends.

There are always opportunities to capture the many different traditions of their Sikh culture - one being the tradition of the guests feeding the host pieces of birthday cake.

After the buffet the dancing starts. It’s always quite gentle at first but it doesn’t take long to build up to fun-filled mayhem with people throwing themselves about - and with me standing right in the middle of it all.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the party.


Relaxed portrait of two teenagers and two small children all looking at camera

Indian girl looking at camera

Man holding a pint of beer looking at camera

Informal portrait of father, teenage son and young child all looking at camera

New born held by her Indian great grandmother

Young boy peering over a table and staring at the camera

Young boy having a bow tie fastened by a parent

Sikh couple looking at camera

Father holding newborn daughter

Guests at a party in traditional Indian sari dresses

Candid photo of grandmother holding grand daughter

Young Sikh girl holding baby

Two men at a party looking at camera

Young girl at an Indian buffet table

Woman at an Indian buffet table

People waiting in line at an Indian buffet table

Large square birthday cake

Young girl blowing out candle on a large birthday cake

Tradition of feeding cake to a young Indian girl

Tradition of feeding birthday cake to a young Indian girl

Two young Sikh girls in traditional dress looking at the camera

Dancing at an Indian party

Dancing at an Indian party

Dancing at an Indian birthday party

Women dancing at an Indian birthday party

Indian woman in turquoise sari dress dancing

Indian woman dancing at party

Women clapping hands during the dance at a party

Women dancing with hands in the air at an Indian birthday party

Crowd of people at a party on the dance floor

Crowd of women clapping hands on the dance floor

Man with arms outstretched on the dance floor

Woman in red sari dress on the dance floor with arms in the air

Crowd of people at a party on the dance floor

man on dance floor with arms outstretched an Indian party

Indian women clapping hands and laughing

Woman in turquoise sari dress clapping hands and laughing

If you're planning a party and you'd like us to photograph the atmosphere, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

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