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The Diana Awards - Inspiring Essex

Date posted: 11 May 2016

group photo of award winners at the Diana awards ceremony Chelmsford

We had the privilege of being asked to photograph The Diana Award ceremony held at New Hall School, Chelmsford a few weeks ago. Not only did we meet many inspiring young heroes, we also photographed a couple of local celebrities.

The Diana Award is a charity legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. So we felt honoured when we were asked to photograph the official ceremony. 

We spent the morning with some truly inspirational young people from all over Essex who were there to collect their award for improving the lives of others here and overseas - whether as a volunteer, fundraiser, carer, campaigner, or anti-bullying mentor.

Diana _award _essex _01

The 40 winners - all young heroes who had invested huge amounts of their energy and time - received their awards from Tessy Ojo, Diana Award Chief Executive, and local celebrity Ricky Rayment.

Diana _award _essex _02

Diana _award _essex _03

Diana _award _essex _04

Diana _award _essex _05

Diana _award _essex _06

Diana _award _essex _08

At the end of the ceremony we were entertained by Faith Nelson from The Voice.

Diana _award _essex _09

Diana _award _essex _10

It was an emotion filled morning and wonderful to meet so many young heroes.

You can find out more about the charity at http://diana-award.org.uk/

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