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On location: New York Marathon

Date posted: 09 December 2016

NYC marathon runner throwing water on face

In November, we were lucky to be in New York when the marathon was taking place. Armed with my camera, I headed off to Central Park and took some photos.

When I arrived, there was the usual hustle and bustle that you'd expect from any marathon but I was also struck by just how international the event was, which seemed in stark contrast to the policies, politics and general mood of the country at that time.

As the run unfolded I witnessed massive support for everyone taking part, a real sense of community and coming together to fundraise for what each person felt passionate about. It felt like everyone there was showing a united front and were supporting everyone - kindness and love were paramount that day and it made for a truly electric atmosphere I was lucky to be a part of.

Here are some of my favourite photos.

New York marathon runner in orange looking at camera

NYC 2016 marathon runner close-up

NYC 2016 marathon runners wearing blue

NYC 2016 marathon runner wearing orange top

NYC 2016 marathon runner pouring water over head

NYC 2016 marathon runner pouring water over head

NYC 2016 marathon runners

NYC 2016 marathon runner

Spectator at NYC 2016 marathon with hand written sign

New York marathon runner dressed as Captain America

New York marathon runner supporting Team Fox

NYC 2016 marathon runner

New York marathon runner in fancy dress

New York marathon runner with thumbs up

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