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90th birthday party at The Bear Inn, Stock

Date posted: 12 November 2015

Old woman at dining table with a hand on her shoulder

Not all milestone celebrations are jam-packed and energetic, some are more intimate and simple, but whatever the size they are always a great excuse for families to get together. When Louisa’s family met one afternoon in November to celebrate her 90th birthday with a meal at The Bear Inn, Stock, Essex, we were there to capture her special day.

The family had hired one of the rooms for a special birthday meal. Once the desserts were served we were asked to take natural portraits and candid photos of the family enjoying themselves as they sat around the table.

This was a really lovely way to capture not only the milestone of Louisa turning 90 but also the special bond shared by the many generations around the table. It was clear to see they all adored Louisa and we felt honoured to be able to document such a wonderful moment for the family. 

Here are some of our favourite images from the afternoon.

Informal portrait of a 90 year old woman looking at the camera

Young man holding glass of wine, looking at camera and laughing

Man at a table in a restaurant looking to the side and smiling

Couple at a family party looking at the camera

Couple at a family party looking at the camera

Couple at a family party looking at the camera

Chocolate brownie with ice cream and a strawberry on a plate

Young woman playing cards at a family party

Woman and child playing cards at a restaurant table

Man with his arms around na older woman at a family party

Woman at a table at a family get together

Group of three women at a family party looking at the camera

Woman at a restaurant table at a family celebration

Woman at a restaurant table clapping hands and laughing

Woman at a restaurant table smiling

90th birthday cake decorated with flowers

If someone in your family has a special birthday coming up, and you're planning a celebration, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

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