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The groom’s wedding speech

Date posted: 24 March 2014

groom holding words to his speech with the word help written on the back

For many grooms, the wedding day speech is one of the most nerve wracking parts of the day – but there's no need to worry.

For many of us, speaking to a room full of people fills us with dread. Add wedding day nerves on top of that and you have something that fills a lot of grooms with fear. But there really is no need to worry.

Firstly, everyone in the room is on your side. They are all your friends and family and have probably known you for a long time. They are not sitting there waiting to be ‘entertained’ and are sympathetic to how you’re feeling.

Also, it’s not your job to make everyone laugh either – that’s for the best man to worry about. So don’t worry if you’re not a natural comedian or if your speech has no funny lines. What your audience wants you to be is sincere and to hear you say heartfelt words about your bride. The audience would prefer to hear this rather than a lot of old and tired jokes.

Photographing speeches is a great opportunity for emotive shots of real smiles, tears and looks of admiration.

The best wedding speeches we’ve seen have been when the groom has been sincere with his words. The looks on the faces of parents, close family members, and of course his wife, are genuine.

But if you really are nervous about your wedding day speech you may like to have the speeches before the meal. Doing things in this order means you can get it out the way and be able to enjoy your meal without worrying. Who says that the speeches have to come at the end anyway?

Photographing wedding speeches is a great opportunity for emotive shots of real smiles, tears and looks of admiration. Here are some of our favourites that we've taken.

Wedding _speeches _4

Wedding _speeches _1

Wedding _speeches _2

Wedding _speeches _3

Wedding _speeches _5

You can view more photos like this here in the gallery section of our website.

Photography of wedding speeches is included in many of our packages. If you'd like this part your wedding day captured please contact us for more information.


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