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Classic Car Rally at Barleylands

Date posted: 22 July 2013

classic car rally barleylands essex

What I know about classic cars could be written on the back of a postcard, and what interests me about cars could be written on the back of the stamp. So why would I want to visit the annual Classic Car Rally at Barleylands, Billericay, Essex? What I couldn’t resist was a wealth of photo opportunities…

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New York City street portraits

Date posted: 20 May 2015

construction worker on new york street

As a photographer on holiday in New York City, the photography capital of the world, there was no way I was coming home without a camera full of photos…

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A bird's eye view

Date posted: 21 May 2015

farmyard chicken

Photographer lying on the floor of a chicken coop, excited children throwing corn in the air and hungry birds pecking their way towards the camera - just another typical photography shoot for Carruthers and Hobbs…

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Camden Town street portraits

Date posted: 19 September 2015

Camden Town street portrait photography

Camden Town is known for it’s vibrant and diverse atmosphere, and has been the centre of alternative culture in London for over half a century. It attracts interesting, colourful characters – and it was this ‘anything goes’ attitude and style that I wanted to capture in my street portraits…

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